Air Hangar

Airplane Hangar in Portland, Maine

Schemata Workshop was approached in 2017 to provide architectural services to design an 8 unit apartment complex on the east side of Queen Anne. The hillside site is located above the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt, framing its sweeping panoramic views towards Lake Union and the Cascades. 

Newton Place serves an interesting example of alternative urban living.  The client intends to live on the top-level of this 3-story building, but expands on the idea of accessory dwelling units by fully developing the site to house 7 additional households instead of just one.  A small common rooftop deck, common ground level patio as well as outdoor spaces for all units ensure that each resident will have access to the impressive Seattle views. 

The project is committing to achieve Built Green 4 star rating for Multi-Family Residential New Construction. As part of the requirements for this certificate level, the building is estimated to achieve at least 15% better performance compared to the Energy Code requirement. Some other prominent sustainability elements include:

  • Building on previously developed site
  • Vegetated roof system and roof draining to bioswales
  • Drought tolerant landscaping and no use of turf
  • PV panels
  • Low flow fixtures exceeding code requirements
  • Parking and bicycle storage provided within the structure
  • Electric car charger
  • LED lights & Energy Star compliant appliances
  • Strategically located large operable windows to take advantage of natural lighting and air flow
  • Building designated as Non-Smoking
  • Use of low- VOC and regional materials, as well as materials with recycled content

Project Information

New Height Group

Portland, ME

High End Residential

Construction est. 2018-19

14,200 SF

28 Units
5 Stories over 1 Level Parking
Full Design Services


Archetype (Architect)
Holder (Civil)
Mason (Structural)
Zoe (Landscape)